Middle Grades, Secondary and P-12 TOSS Field Placements

Middle Grades, Secondary and P-12 TOSS Field Placements (for Undergraduate Programs ONLY)

All Middle Grades, Secondary and P-12 undergraduate teacher education candidates are required to request a field placement site for TOSS. The deadline for making this request for those TOSSing Fall 2014 is March 14, 2014. If you applied previously to TOSS but did not complete the TOSS placement for any reason, you will need to apply again. Before completing the request form, you will need your KSU ID, your liability insurance ID number and expiration date. Please do not confuse this TOSS Field Placement Request Form with your TOSS application. Each program area has separate requirements for admission into TOSS, and you are responsible for completing the TOSS admissions process for your program area. While you may complete this placement request prior to hearing that you have been accepted into the TOSS program, your placement request will be cancelled should you not be admitted. For questions about your TOSS application and/or your program area, please contact your program coordinator.

To request a Middle Grades or Secondary TOSS/Practicum field placement for Fall 2014, please go to this link: