BCOE Office of Teacher Certification

The teacher certification officer is responsible for the following areas at Kennesaw State University:

  • Processing of Teacher Certification Paperwork
  • Processing of Teacher Endorsement Paperwork
  • Receiving and reporting GACE Basic exams, GACE Program Admission tests and Praxis scores or exemptions
  • Advisement of Non-degree Graduate Education majors
  • Advisement of Non-degree certification renewal individuals
  • Assistance to certification transfer individuals

Bachelors Degree Program

Kennesaw State University offers an initial teaching certificate program through our bachelors degree program. For more information about our undergraduate programs, please visit the Teacher Education Advisement Center.

Masters Degree Program

Only one program at KSU, at the Master's level, may lead to initial certification. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program affords students an opportunity to obtain a Master's degree and initial certification simultaneously.  Currently KSU offers an M.A.T. in the following fields:

Secondary Mathematics; Secondary English; Secondary Chemistry, Physics or Biology; Foreign Language: Spanish or Chinese; Art and T.E.S.O.L.

All Kennesaw State University M.Ed. programs require a current clear, renewable certification for admission.  M.Ed. programs are not for individuals seeking initial certification.

Alternative Teacher Preparation Program

We offer an alternative teaching certificate program in the field of Foreign Languages. Admission to this program requires that an individual already hold a bachelor's degree and be a near native speaker of the foreign language in which they are seeking certification. The alternative program is delivered by the Department of Foreign Languages. The Department of Foreign Languages may be contacted at 770-423-6366 or individuals may visit the Alternative Teacher Preparation website.

Certification Paperwork

Undergraduate Programs

The Teacher Certification Officer is responsible for ensuring that students completing education programs at Kennesaw State University have met all the standards and requirements set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. A student is considered to have met all the requirements and be eligible for certification in the state of Georgia when they have completed all of the following:

  • Pass or be exempt from GACE Basic Skills Assessment (Praxis I prior to September 1, 2006).  As of October, 2013, the GACE Basic Skills Assessment will change names to GACE Program Admissions Tests.  All individuals who have passed the GACE Basic Skills Assessment exams, in full, by the August, 2013, test date will not be required to take the GACE Program Admissions Tests.

  • Pass the GACE Content Assessment exams (Praxis II prior to September 1, 2006) for your degree field in education.

  • Granted a degree in Education by Kennesaw State University.

  • Current PSC Application for Certification (dated no more than 60 days prior to submission to this office).

Click here for more information about the GACE tests.

The certification officer will meet with students completing their program at the beginning and ending student teaching seminars. At that time the certification officer will discuss the required paperwork and procedures to be followed to ensure that students receive their teaching certificates in a timely manner.

Students who do not meet all the requirement for certification, i.e. GACE Content exams, prior to graduation are required to notify the Certification Office when the final requirement is met. It is only then that the necessary certification paperwork will be completed by the Certification Officer and forwarded to the State.

Graduate and Endorsement Programs

The certification officer will mail paperwork and instructions to students completing Master of Education programs (Educational Leadership ONLY) or Endorsement and Add-on programs. The students will complete the paperwork and turn it in to their employing county Human Resource office for processing, or mail it directly to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Students completing a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program will have the Certification Officer submitting paperwork to the PSC on their behalf. Students will complete paperwork for the Certification Officer during their last semester of enrollment at KSU.

Students completing a Master of Education (M.Ed.) program, other than Educational Leadership, do not require paperwork from the Certification Officer. Students should request a degree posted transcript from the KSU Registrar's Office and submit this transcript, along with a PSC Application for Certification, through their employing school system or directly to the PSC for upgrading of their certificate field.

For more information you may contact the Certification Officer,
Ms. Kellie Oxford at 770-423-6964 or
send an email.
The Certification Officer is located in Kennesaw Hall Room 1314.