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Teacher Leadership (New PSC Field)

Program Description

The degree in Teacher Leadership is a professional degree program for qualified candidates who do not have a specialist or doctoral degree.  The program is a thirty-three (33) hour program, virtually all of which can be delivered in an “online” format.  The degree is truly a “best of Bagwell College” experience, with courses taught by professors across all five (5) academic departments.

Unlocking Many Pathways

The Educational Specialist Degree in Teacher Leadership is designed to improve the practice of classroom educators while preparing them for many possible professional futures.  The degree is conceptualized as the “ultimate grade chair” degree, but one opening many doors beyond that role.  Candidates who wish to pursue more formalized leadership positions (such as assistant principal or principal) will leave the program eligible to hold non-renewable leadership certification (NPL) and eligible to enter an EDD program in Educational Leadership without completing an additional six (6) hour leadership preservice.  Additionally, should candidates elect to remain in an instructional role, they may choose to pursue doctoral degrees in curriculum & instruction, instructional technology, or many other fields

For more information please contact:

Dr. Susan Stockdale

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Professor of Educational Psychology


Email: sstockda@kennesaw.edu