Montessori Concentration for the B.S.Ed. in Birth through Kindergarten

Montessori Program Coordinator and Goizueta Endowed Chair:

Dr. Feland L. Meadows --


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The Birth through Kinder Montessori Teacher Education Program is designed to prepare candidates to earn a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education as well as Certification as Birth through Kinder Teachers by the GA Professional Standards Commission.

Graduates are also qualified to receive two International Certifications by the Pan American Montessori Society: 1) as Infant/Toddler Birth through Three Year (B-3) Montessori Teachers and 2) as Early Childhood Three through Five Year (3-5) Montessori Teachers.

The Birth through Kinder Montessori Teacher Education Program prepares candidates to become Early Childhood Professionals who can work effectively with Infants and Toddlers and with Children from three to five years of age in various settings.  Candidates become competent to respond to the needs of the whole child. Candidates learn to be successful in serving children from diverse cultures, who may or may not have special needs, and who are fluent in English or are English Language Learners.  Candidates learn to respond to each child’s individual needs with developmentally appropriate instruction with Montessori materials within the Montessori Prepared Learning Environment that they have so carefully prepared for them.

Through extensive fieldwork, candidates become competent to expertly provide young children with developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that make it possible for them to achieve their highest potential. The Montessori Concentration offers candidates the opportunity to develop new insights into the true nature of the stages of childhood growth and development during the early years of life. Candidates understand the research based, conceptual framework that serves as the foundation for the implementation of the proven, scientific Montessori System of Education.

Through practice, candidates acquire skills in presenting the many developmentally appropriate Montessori materials and activities which address each child’s needs for physical, sensorial and language development at every level from birth through five years of age. They also learn to present Mathematics, Zoology, Biology, Geography, Social Science, Music and the Arts in ways that are most effective with children from 3 to 5 years of age.

This program is designed to meet or exceed the standards set by five national and international professional accrediting organizations. Graduates are eagerly sought to fill positions in public and private Early Care and Learning Centers, Bright From the Start (BFTS) Early Childhood Programs and by Public School Kindergarten Programs. 


Montessori Courses*

General Education & KSU 1101 (48 Credit Hours)


Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)  (18 Credit Hours)

EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education

EDUC 2120 Sociocultural Influences on Teaching and Learning

EDUC 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning

ISCI -  2001 Life and Earth Science

ISCI -  2002 Physical Science

MATH 2008 Foundations of Numbers and Operations



First Semester (17 Credit Hours)

ECE 2205 Organization & Admin. of Early Childhood Programs (3)

*ECE 3405 A Conceptual Framework for the Montessori System of Education (3)

*ECE 3410 Human Reproduction, Perinatal Development, Health, Safety and Nutrition (3)

*ECE 3415 Infants: Stages of Growth and Development & Developmentally appropriate Care and Activities (3)

*ECE 3420 Observation & Supervised Practice Teaching – Infants (5) 


Second Semester (14 Credit Hours)

ECE 3575 International Approaches to Early Childhood Education (3)

ECE 3590 Families and Communities: Partners in Education (3)

*ECE 3435 Toddlers: Stages of Growth and Development & Developmentally Appropriate Care and Activities (3)

*ECE 3445 Observation and Supervised Practice Teaching – Toddlers (5)



First Semester (14 Credit Hours)

INED 3304 Education of Exceptional Students (3)

*ECE 4305 Motor Development and Refined Control of Movement (3)

*ECE 4315 Sensorial Development, the Cornerstone of Cognitive Growth (3)

*ECE 4320 Observation and Supervised Practice Teaching – Early Childhood I (5)


Second Semester (15 Credit Hours)

*ECE 4335Acquisition of Language and Literacy Skills in One or More Languages (3)

*ECE 4336 The Competent Manufacture & Presentation of Language Materials (3)

*ECE 4345 Preparing the Mathematical Mind of the Young Child (3)

*ECE 4355 Observation and Supervised Practice Teaching – Early Childhood II (6)


Program Total (126 Credit Hours)