Fall 2014 TOSS Appliactions are closed. Read about the Themed Cohorts for Fall 2014. There will be a mandatory TOSS Orientation Meeting for all TOSS Fall 2014 sudents on Friday, May 2 at 10am-12noon in the KSU Center, Room 400. Please refer to the TOSS Fall 2014 Calendar. 


If you would like information about TOSS please contact  Mrs. Katy Basch.


Spring 2014 TOSS Calendar


Spring 2014 Orientation Power Point

Spring 2014 Mid Term Seminar


Law and Ethics Video and Quiz:

(Please complete the Law and Ethics Video and Quiz before the Midterm TOSS meeting. You will need to provide a copy to your supervisor at that time.)

To complete this assignment, please do the following:  

  1. Open the quiz by clicking here and then save it to your hard drive.  The quiz is a Word document.
  2. You will want to pause the video and answer the questions as you watch.
  3. Once you have completed the video and answered all of the questions, email the completed quiz (with your name on it) to your supervisor.
  4. To watch the video (1.5 hours), click here.  The sound is sometimes weak, so we recommend that you watch the video wearing headphones.  

TOSS Handbook: Nuts and Bolts


TOSS (Teaching of Specific Subjects) is designed to prepare the student for student teaching by providing experiences that engage him/her in the theory and practice of teaching. Specific subjects include language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. TOSS is offered fall and spring semesters and consistently includes the following events:

Orientation- an assembly designed to inform students of the purpose and procedures of TOSS. 

Course Work- learning and implementing the principles of teaching, the student takes specific subjects (as listed above) the first ten weeks of the semester.

Multicultural Field Experience- the student observes and participates one-half day per week in diversely populated classrooms. This experience, running parallel to course work, takes place the first five weeks of the semester.

Placement Experience- this experience, also running parallel to course work, takes place the second five weeks of the semester. The student observes and participates one-half day per week in his/her full-time placement. In addition, he/she and the teacher collaborate and develop a topic for the integrated teaching unit, which the student implements in the last five weeks of the field experience.

Midterm Seminar- an instructional seminar designed to clearly explain and to discuss the requirements of the student in the full-time placement experience. Such requirements are the integrated unit, daily journal, and portfolio.

Permanent Placement Experience- the student observes, participates, and facilitates instruction. Since the ten weeks of course work is completed, the student assumes full-time (all day- every day) responsibility in his/her placement, which is referred to as the permanent placement. The student teaches at least two formal lessons from the unit, which will be observed by the university supervisor.

Final Meeting- The student assembles to evaluate aspects of TOSS. Here various instruments are completed, which enables the Toss faculty to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the overall program.

Requirements Before Enrolling in TOSS Courses- The students must have at least a 2.75 GPA, completed all required course work, and have submitted an Intent to Register For TOSS Form to the Early Childhood Education Department.

  • You will be able to select your Field Placement at a later date on the internet. More information will be given at the Orientation meeting.
  • After field placements have been made you will be assigned to a specific section for all of your TOSS classes. If you need to take HPE 3670, you will be assigned a corresponding section for that course as well.
  • Registration for TOSS will take place during final registration. Because you have been assigned a section for all of your classes there is no need to worry about classes filling up, etc….
  • If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Katy Basch


Classroom Discipline Seminar Information:



Post TOSS Survey