EDD - Teacher Leadership

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Teacher Leadership (New PSC Field)

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Admission Deadline: April 15 for Summer consideration

Please Note:  If accepted into our Doctoral program, a reservation fee of $250 will be due at the time of acceptance

Program Description: 

Teacher Leadership (GaPSC Rule 505-3-.53) prepares teachers for “providing professional development, building a school culture of continuous improvement and becoming change agents while maintaining the role of classroom teacher” (GaPSC Guidance for Educators, May 9, 2012). Graduates of this performance-based program will be teacher leaders who plan and lead professional development; who mentor and coach other teachers; who align curriculum, instruction, and assessment; who model best teaching practices; who analyze data and improve learning through data-informed decision-making; who apply research-based approaches to instructional challenges; and who collaborate with all stakeholders to improve student learning.

The Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership program includes a minimum of 45 hours of study in four areas and a six-month residency. In the residency, the teacher leader candidate works with the Candidate Support Team to develop an Individual Growth Plan (IGP) and a Residency Project Proposal, then seeks out opportunities at multiple settings to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of effective teacher leaders. Candidates present their Residency Project and Capstone Portfolio as evidence of their accomplishment in the areas specified by the Teacher Leadership standards.

The four areas of study include:

  • Certification in Teacher Leadership (24)
  • Advanced Teacher Leadership (6)
  • Research (6)
  • Dissertation (9)

Teacher Leadership Core (24 Credit Hours)

The following courses are required for initial certification in teacher leadership:

Advanced Teacher Leadership (6 Credit Hours)

Research (6 Credit Hours)

Dissertation (Minimum 9 Credit Hours)

Dissertation topics and research must be aligned with the Teacher leadership Standards (GaPSC Rule 505‐3‐.53), which includes professional development; mentoring and coaching other teachers; alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment; best teaching practices; analysis of data and improvement of learning through data‐informed decisionmaking; research‐based approaches to instructional challenges; and collaboration with allstakeholders to improve student learning.

Program Total (Ed.D.) (Minimum 45 Credit Hours)

For more information:

Graduate Programs in Education
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Expected Qualifications

  1. An earned Ed.S. degree in professional education or a related field; 
  2. A clear and renewable Georgia teaching certificate or equivalent; 
  3. Current full-time employment as a professional educator with at least five years of teaching or administrative experience or both in K-12 education
  4. Recommendation by the institution in which the applicant is employed 
What Needs To Be Submitted
  1. Official transcripts of all college coursework, undergraduate and graduate, showing evidence of completion of a Specialist degree
  2. or its equivalent in a related field. 
  3. Official scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Exam within the last five years. 
  4. All relevant professional teaching and/or administrative certificates. 
  5. Professional Profile detailing related professional qualifications. 
  6. Reflections on Leadership for Learning. 
  7. Official request for consideration of transfer courses.
  8. Documentation of employing institution’s recommendation of the applicant.