EDS - Teacher Leadership

Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)
Teacher Leadership – (New PSC Field)

How do I Apply?
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Admission deadline:  July 1 for Fall consideration - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date

Program Description:

In addition to earning advanced degrees in discipline areas, the GaPSC has identified three fields for educators to upgrade their certification; teacher leadership is one such area.  The purpose of the Teacher Leadership Program standards is to prepare classroom teachers to develop as leaders in their schools and school systems resulting in a Service (S) certificate in Teacher Leadership.

The EDS in Teacher Leadership provides degree candidates with nine (9) credit hours of “pure” leadership coursework. Additionally, candidates acquire another nine (9) hours in coursework designed to assist them in leading professional learning, technology initiatives, and supervise other educators. Candidates complete their program with a three (3) hour residency project, requiring them to work with a site-based team implementing a meaningful leadership-oriented project within their school. Importantly, the degree prepares candidates for a variety of career choices. The program of study uniquely embeds the six (6) hour leadership preservice required by the PSC for educators without degrees in educational leadership to enter the residency-based EDS program.  This certification may be embedded within a MED, EDS or EDD.

Tentative Program of Study

  • EDL/ITEC 7305 - Data Analysis & School Improvement
  • ITEC 7465 - Professional Learning in Schools
  • ITEC 7400 - 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • INED 7785 - Curriculum & Instruction for Teacher Leaders
  • EDAD 8200 - Supervision, Coaching & Mentoring
  • EDL 7100 - Leadership Theory & Practice
  • EDL 7500 - Educational Leadership & Ethics
  • EDUC 7990 - Residency & Capstone
  • EDL 8500 - Research, Issues, and Trends in Teacher Leadership
  • EDRS 8000 - Applied Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Select one of these:

  • ITEC 9420 - Evaluating Professional Learning
  • EDUC 8100 - Advanced Study of Learning

TOTAL 30-33

For more information:

Graduate Programs in Education
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Expected Qualifications

  1. An earned master’s degree in professional education or a related field; 
  2. A clear and renewable Georgia teaching certificate or equivalent; 
  3. Current full-time employment as a professional educator with at least four years of teaching or administrative experience or both in K-12 education; 
  4. A competitive Graduate Aptitude & Achievement Index Score. The Graduate Index Score = (GRE Quantitative Score + GRE Verbal Score) x GPA for the Master’s degree.
  5. Recommendation by the institution in which the applicant is employed. 
What Needs To Be Submitted
  1. Official transcripts of college coursework, undergraduate and graduate, showing evidence of completion of a Master’s degree or its equivalent in a related field; 
  2. Official scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Exam within the last five years; 
  3. All relevant professional teaching and/or administrative certificates; 
  4. Professional Profile detailing related professional qualifications; 
  5. Reflections on Leadership for Learning; 
  6. Official request for consideration of transfer courses.
  7. Documentation of the employing institution’s recommendation of the applicant.