MAT - English

Master of Arts (MAT - initial certification)
Secondary English


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Admission Deadline:

February 1 for Summer Consideration
October 1 for Spring Consideration

Program Description:

The Masters of Arts in Teaching Secondary English program leads to a master's degree and a teaching certificate in Secondary English (grades 6-12). The program is currently four or five semesters in length and enrolls in both spring (January) and summer (June) semesters.

Program of Study:

EDUC 6110 -  Adolescent Development and Learning

EDUC 6120 - Diversity and Exceptionality
EDUC 6200 - Curriculum, Assessment, and Management
EDUC 6300 - Research Methods and Critique
EDUC 6400 - Capstone Seminar

Graduate Coursework in English

ENED 6414 - Teaching Secondary English I
ENED 6414L - Practicum II
ENED 6475 - Teaching Secondary English II
ENED 6475L - Practicum III
ENGL 7701 - Topics in Literature
ENGL 7721 - Author Studies
ENGL 7731 - Language Studies in English
ENGL 7735 - Introduction to Composition Studies
ENGL 7741 - Technology and Media in English and Language Arts
ENGL 7750 - English Studies in the Schools

Total 48 hours

The program is designed to be flexible enough to support students interested in a longer program of study. Depending on their previous coursework, students also have the option of substituting elective courses from the MAT TESOL program, and can take coursework to earn their ESOL or Reading endorsements. See the program coordinator for more information.

How Do I Apply?

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