MED - Educational Leadership – Ethics and Multicultural

Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership – Ethics and Multicultural

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Terms:  Fall, July 1     Spring, December 1     Summer, April 15

Program Description:

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare and develop educational leaders to direct school improvement toward higher levels of student learning and achievement. The program allows experienced educational professionals to earn an M.Ed. in six semesters while continuing their careers. Candidates complete six modules taught by full-time graduate faculty and experienced school personnel. The program will be delivered in cohorts offered at public schools and on campus. The program of study schedule is designed to coincide with public schools and university calendars and will be provided in advance so educational and personal commitments can be coordinated with program requirements.

The six-semester, highly individualized program will be offered through the use of modules, direct instruction, cohort planning, and individual projects based on personal development plans formulated by each student through the learning team composed of student, KSU faculty member, and on-site mentor. During the course of study, candidates will develop a personal, professional portfolio which will include all Board of Regents and Professional Standards Commission Standards. Field activities accompany the semester’s work to provide synthesis of the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for today’s educational leader. At the conclusion of the program, candidates will possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to lead schools to higher levels of achievement for all students.

Program of Study:

EDL 7100 Leadership Theory and Practice (3 semester hours)
EDL 7105 Technology Leadership & Vision in Schools (3 semester hours)

EDL 7200 Leading Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (3 semester hours)
EDL 7205 Leading Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century (3 semester hours)

EDL 7300 Research In Educational Leadership (3 semester hours)
EDL 7305 Data Analysis & School Improvement (3 semester hours)

EDL 7400 Leading Professional Learning & Change (3 semester hours)
EDL 7405 Human Resources for School Leaders (3 semester hours)

EDL 7500 Educational Law and Policy (3 semester hours)
EDL 7505 Ethical Leadership (3 semester hours)

EDL 7600 School Operations & Community Relations (3 semester hours)
EDL 7605 School Leadership in Multicultural Contexts (3 semester hours)


Total: 36

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