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"My experience abroad is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My mind and my heart have completely opened and I feel that I have grown professionally and personally, so much in so little time. It's indescribable." China student teacher - Fall 2013

"Student teaching in Uganda has been a gift that keeps on giving to me personally and professionally. " Uganda student teacher - Spring 2013

“This has been a wonderful experience from which I have made memories that will last a lifetime.  I have also gained insight that will benefit me in my teaching career!" Costa Rica student teacher - Spring 2013

"Student teaching abroad has expanded my search for a teaching position around the world."  Costa Rica student teacher - Fall 2012

"After only a short time, it is fitting in every sense to call Costa Rica home."  Costa Rica student teacher - Spring 2012

"My global experience has shown me how much importance other countries place on being bilingual."  Ecuador student teacher - Fall 2011

"Teaching in the international classroom at Colegio Menor and experiencing the culture of Ecuador has given me a more global world view." Ecuador student teacher - Spring 2011

"Costa Rica has yet to stop amazing me with its culture, beauty, and people." Costa Rica student teacher - Fall 2010    

"My service project, teaching in the Maya school in the village of Jalacte, Belize, was an enlightening experience that changed my life." Belize student teacher - Spring 2010

"I will return to the states a changed man and a more globally minded educator." Ecuador student teacher - Spring 2010

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Welcome to the opportunities of global learning in international field placements P-12. More than two hundred KSU students have chosen an international student teaching abroad experience since the program's inception in 2002. Research shows that international cross cultural teaching and learning increase global perspective and effective teaching of diverse populations in today's classrooms.

One hundred and thirty-five student teachers have received global engagement certification.

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KSU teacher preparation candidates have successfully completed international student teaching in China, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Mexico an Uganda in partnership with international schools and the Education Abroad Office and Global Institute at KSU. 

Other international engagement activities include 44 teacher preparation candidates who have completed Teaching English in Korea, Summers 2008 through 2013.

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Dr. Sandy Bryan 

Director of Global Engagement

Bagwell College of Education

email: sbryan7@kennesaw.edu

phone: (678) 797-2542

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