Graduate Certificate in Special Education

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Program Description:

The stand-alone, fully online certificate is designed for candidates who wish to gain additional knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Candidates will develop foundational knowledge that focuses on effective use of evidence-based/research supported practices and concepts in instruction, assessment, and positive behavior supports underlying the successful academic experiences and needs of students with disabilities.

Courses focusing on technology, learner-centered curriculum and instruction, learners and families from diverse backgrounds, and critical pedagogy will aid candidates in meeting these crucial needs.

Program of Study:

  • INED 7760: Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners (3 hours) -- This course prepares candidates to develop core curriculum that is universal in design (UDL) and based on research-based practices to meet the varied needs of all students.
  • INED 7730: INED Assessment of Diverse Learners (3 hours) -- In this course, candidates develop competencies in administration, development, and interpretation of norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, curriculum- based observation, checklists/rating scales, authentic and informal assessments.
  • INED 7720: Positive Behavior Management Strategies (3 hours) -- This course focuses on the use of positive behavior strategies at the school-wide, classroom, and individual student levels. Candidates develop skills in implementing proactive strategies for positive behavior management.

TOTAL 9 Credit Hours

For more information:

Melinda Ross
Program Director
(770) 423-6043