Master of Arts (MAT)

TESOL Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

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Deadline for Preferred Admission: April 1

Final Admission Deadline: April 15

Program Description:

The Master of Arts in Teaching is a degree for those with a bachelor’s degree, but no education background or teacher certification. The Master of Arts degree program leads to initial certification (T5 certificate) in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), grades P-12. As a standards-based program, it meets the Georgia Professional Standards Commission stndards and the International TESOL professional standards.

The program of study in the MAT TESOL program focuses on teaching students who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Core courses include curriculum development, collaborative practices and content area teachign strategies in reading and writing. Technology and multicultural considerations are infused throughout the program. Teachers who currently hold a clear and renewable teaching certificate, and who are interested in a TESOL master's degree program, should go to the TESOL M.Ed. website located here.

Program of Study:

Summer I

  • EDUC 6110: Adolescent Development and Learning
  • EDUC 6120: Diversity and Exceptionality
  • (Undergraduate reading course as elective—TBD by advisor)

Fall I

  • INED 7781 Cultural Issues for ESOL Teachers
  • INED 7782: Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers
  • EDRD 7715: Theory & Pedagogy in the Study of Reading

Spring I

  • INED 7783: Methods & Materials for Teaching ESOL
  • EDRD 7718: Content Area Reading
  • INED 7731: Assessment of English Language Learners

Summer II

  • INED 7750: Language, Power and Pedagogy
  • INED 7741:  Educational Research

Fall II

  • INED 7760: Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners
  • INED 7980: TESOL Practicum II
  • EDRD 7719: Reading Assessment and Instruction or guided elective

Spring II

  • INED 7981: TESOL Practicum III
  • INED 7790: Documenting Professional Growth
  • INED 7780:  Collaborative Practices

TOTAL 48 Credit Hours

For more information:

Melinda Ross                                           
Program Director                                     
(770) 423-6043