PSC Review Spring 2009

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Endorsement & MAT Review - March 22 - 25, 2009  

University Related Documents Profile of the Unit MAT- Spanish & Chinese Computer Science Endorsement Supporting Course Work for MAT Spanish & Chinese Standard 1
Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
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University Related Documents

Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2009

Graduate Catalog 2008-2009

University Enrollment 2002-2007 (word,pdf)

University Enrollment Comparison 2004-2008 (word, pdf)

Profile of the Unit

Conceptual Framework

PTEU Proficiencies Aligned with Standards (word,pdf)

Conceptual Framework - Under Revision (word, pdf)

Initial Level Proficiencies (word, pdf)

NCATE Part C 2008 (pdf)

S.O.A. P. Activity (pdf)

PTEU Teacher Education Programs (word,pdf)

Description of PTEU (word, pdf)

PTEU Program Completers 2005-2008 (pdf)

Link to 2004 NCATE/PSC IR

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MAT- Spanish & Chinese

Executive Summary MAT (word,pdf)

Faculty Vita

Anja Bernardy (word, pdf)

Kristin Hoyt (word, pdf)

Peter Schultz(word,pdf)

Course Syllabi

MAT Spanish- Chinese

CHNS7702 (word, pdf)

CHNS7704 (word, pdf)

CHNS7712 (word, pdf)

CHNS7714 (word, pdf)

CHNS7722 (word,pdf)

CHNS7724(word, pdf)

FLED7703 (word, pdf)

FLED7708 (word, pdf)

FLED7710 (word,pdf)

FLED7712 (word, pdf)

FLED7720 (word,pdf)

FLED7730 (word, pdf)

FLED7735 (word,pdf)

SPAN7702 (word, pdf)

SPAN7704(word, pdf)

SPAN7712 (word, pdf)

SPAN7714 (word, pdf)

SPAN7722 (word, pdf)

SPAN7724 (word,pdf

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Computer Science Endorsement

Executive Summary - CS (word, pdf)

Faculty Vita

New Faculty Position (word,pdf)

Dean's Letter of Support(pdf)

Meg Murray (word,pdf)

Rich Schlesinger (word, pdf)

Alan Shaw (word, pdf)

Course Syllabi

Computer Science Endorsement

CS2301 (word, pdf)

CS2302 (word, pdf)

CSED4416 (word, pdf)

CSED4417 (word, pdf)

IS2101 (word, pdf)

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Supporting Course Work for MAT Spanish & Chinese

Faculty Vita

Kim Ligon (word, pdf)

Barbara Salyer (word, pdf)

Toni Strieker (word, pdf)

Desha Williams (word, pdf)

Course Syllabi

EDUC6100 Modules

Proficiency Exam (word, pdf)

Development Module (word, pdf)

Seating Arrangements and Participation (word, pdf)

Management and Motivation (word, pdf)

Fostering Learning (word, pdf)

Final Reflections (word, pdf)

Diversity Module (word, pdf)

Practicum I (word,pdf)

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Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills and Professional Dispositions

GACE Summaries AY07 (pdf)

BOR Survey of Employers AY 08 (pdf)

BOR Survey of Graduates AY08 (pdf)

Descriptions - Unit Assessment (word, pdf)

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Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

2A. Assessment System

Unit Assessments

Impact on Student Learning Assignment (word, pdf)

Impact on Student Learning Rubric (word, pdf)

Portfolio Narrative Rubric (word, pdf)

Candidate Performance Instrument- Student Teaching (word, pdf)

Schedule for Surveys & Annual Documents (excel,pdf)

Unit Assessment System - Chart (word, pdf)

Decision Points- Initial (word, pdf)

Decision Points - Advanced (word, pdf)

Reliability Study (word, pdf)

Assessment Committee Minutes 1-28-09 (word, pdf)

Assessment Committee Minutes 2-18-09 (word, pdf)

Schedule for Reporting Faculty Accomplishments (word,pdf)

2B. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation

Assessment Updates to Faculty (word, pdf)

Chalk & Wire Help Materials

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Website for Students

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Website for Faculty

2C. Use of Data for Program Improvement

Annual Data Reflections Day - Program (word, pdf)

Data Reflections Day Tasks - Programs (word, pdf)

Reflections - Unit (pdf)

Reflection Example - Advanced (word, pdf)

Reflection Example - Secondary (word, pdf)

Reflection Example - P-12 (word, pdf)

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Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

3A. Collaboration between Unit and School Partners

Office of Field Experiences Advisory Board Minutes (word, pdf)

Office of Field Experiences Advisory Board Agenda (word, pdf)

Partnership Plan (word,pdf)

Expectations of Partnership Types (word, pdf)

P-12 Partnership Systems (word, pdf)

P-12 Partnership Agreement Form (word, pdf)

3B. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

MAT Placement Process (word, pdf)

Criteria - School Based Faculty (word, pdf)

Handbook for Field Experiences (word,pdf)


3C. Candidates’ Development and Demonstration of Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions to Help all Students Learn

Regents' Principle 5: Diversity MAT Placement Process (word, pdf)

MAT Field Experiences (word, pdf)

Initial Field Experiences (word, pdf)

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Standard 4: Diversity

4A. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Curriculum and Experiences

Dispositions Graphic (word, pdf)

Survey of Candidate Perceptions of Diversity (pdf)

Diversity in the Curriculum - Reading Example (word, pdf)

EDUC 2120 Workshop (word,pdf)

FLED 7735 Syllabus (word, pdf)

Example of Diversity Lectures Available to KSU Community (pdf)

Diversity Presentation to Students in EDUC 2120 (ppt, pdf)

4B. Experiences Working with Diverse Faculty

PTEU Faculty Gender & Ethnicity(pdf)

Events of Faculty Learning Community (word, pdf)

Report of Faculty (word, pdf)

4C. Experiences Working with Diverse Candidates

PTEU Candidate Gender & Ethnicity (pdf)

Regents' Principle 3: Recruitment(word, pdf)

4D. Experiences Working with Diverse Students in P-12 Schools

Summary Report of Study Abroad (word, pdf)

Diverse MAT Placements F08 (excel, pdf)

Diverse MAT Placements S09 (excel, pdf)

Coach, Chat & Chew Day (word, pdf)

BCOE Global Initiatives (word, pdf)

PTEU Study Aboard Website

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Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

5A. Qualified Faculty

PTEU Faculty Degree Qualifications (pdf)

Expected Qualifications of Chinese Faculty (word, pdf)

5B. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Teaching

Reflections on Teaching Strategies - Example(word, pdf)

5C. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

Sharing Scholarship I (word, pdf)

Sharing Scholarship II (word, pdf)

Sharing Scholarship III (word, pdf)

Grants' Summary (excel, pdf)

5D. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Service

Regents' Principle 5 - Collaboration & Service (word, pdf)

5E. Unit Evaluation of Professional Education Faculty Performance

CSIS Annual Review Template (word,pdf)

MLC Annual Review Template (word, pdf)

Faculty Performance Agreement Example (word, pdf)

Faculty Performance Agreement - MLC Template(word, pdf)

Faculty Performance Agreement - CSIS Template (word, pdf)

College of HSS T&P Guidelines (word, pdf)

KSU Faculty Handbook - T&P (word,pdf)

College of S&M T&P Guidelines (pdf)

5F. Unit Facilitation of Professional Development

College of HSS Professional Development Guidelines (word, pdf)

PTEU Grant Funded Professional Development (word, pdf)

PTEU Professional Development Example(word, pdf)

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Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources

6A. Unit Leadership and Authority

BCOE Organizational Chart(word,pdf)

PTEU MAT Collaboration(word, pdf)

Collaboration with Arts & Sciences (pdf)

Unit Governance & Resources (pdf)

PTEU Organizational Chart (ppt, pdf)

6B. Unit Budget

Budget Comparisons by Colleges(word, pdf)

6C. Personnel

PTEU Support Units (excel, pdf)

6D. Unit Facilities

SACS Report on MAT Facilities (word, pdf)

6E. Unit Resources Including Technology

Resources & Technology

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Standard 7: Requirements and Standards Specified in Rule 505-3-.01 ( MAT Program Only)

7C. Identification and Education of Children with Special Needs (See Supporting Course Work for MAT Spanish and Chinese)

7D. Use, Application, and Integration of Instructional Technology

Technology Matrix (word, pdf)

7F. Professional Ethical Standards and Requirements for Certification and Employment

KSU Ethics Presentation Part I(ppt, pdf)

KSU Ethics Presentation Part II (ppt, pdf)

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Standard 8: Alignment with PSC-Adopted Program Content Standards

Computer Science Education

CSED Curriculum Matrix (word, pdf)

MAT - Spanish & Chinese

MAT Chinese Curriculum Matrix (word, pdf)

MAT General Education Matrix (word, pdf)

MAT Spanish Curriculum Matrix (word, pdf)

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Sunday Documents

PSC Virtual Visit Interview Schedule(word, pdf)

Overview of CF and Assessment System (ppt, pdf)

Monday Documents

Electronic Library Holdings (word, pdf)

Tuesday Documents


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